A history of health, naturally.

The School

The Holt School of Natural Healing was founded by Pamela and Alan Holt in 1986.

The Holt School has been big, lecturing to 200 students at a time, being on network television and flying across Canada (or the world). And small, teaching full courses to individual students who were dedicated.

We have graduated more than 600 certified Reflexologists and dozens of Acupuncture students.

Currently, we run small in-person class sizes as we find that offers the optimal balance of attention, safety and knowledge transmission.

The Founders

Alan and Pam had previously been founding members of the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) and went on to be founding members of the Reflexology Registration of Ontario (RRCO) – which also represents all of Canada despite the name.

Subsequently, they were members of the many years of meetings when Acupuncture was becoming a regulated profession in Ontario.

Pamela was an Olympic contender gymnast (who has touched the torch) and Health and Phys-Ed teacher with the Etobicoke and Ottawa boards of education which led her to further pursue the path of health for the human body.

As a member of RAC, she wrote all the original Reflexology curriculum in 1976. We have been improving and modifying those techniques for the last 45 years.

In the 90’s Pamela traveled to Sri Lanka twice to learn Acupuncture under Anton Jayasuriya. Pamela then went to every TCM school in Chinatown to perfect her chops. Following that, she taught Acupuncture at this school for many decades. She is available for private exam prep tutoring for TCM, but no longer practices or teaches Acupuncture.

Alan was an active sports referee around Ontario and served on the Toronto Fire Department for 30 years. He taught CPR at the Toronto Fire Academy and brought that spark to teaching Iridology, Aromatherapy & Reflexology at Holt School.

Alan and Pam have a combined 80 years of natural health experience between them.

They are almost Octogenarians themselves and still unmedicated.


After taking all the classes, Robertson has been teaching with the Holt School since 1999.

Clinical :

He has worked in clinics from Niagara-On-The-Lake to Caledon to the Toronto Beaches.

He was certified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Acupuncture by the age of 17. In high school he travelled to Sri Lanka to learn Acupuncture from Anton Jayasuriya and Nalin Perera. He then completed an Honours undergraduate degree at Brock University in Neuroscience and Transpersonal Psychology. Following University, he worked at a biofeedback research clinic with Cosmonaut healthcare devices.

During his twenties, he was involved in martial arts and went to the ER a few times, which motivated him to put what he had learned at the Holt School into practice.

After travelling the world to learn from various teachers and mentors (still an ongoing process), and following a series of initiations, he began working with subtle energy (Qi / Ki / Chi / Prana) directly with his hands in 2002.

Enrolled at the Canadian College of Osteopathy since 2015, he is currently in the Thesis stream.


Robertson began teaching at Brock University as a Psychology Teaching Assistant in 1999.

He has authored and delivered more than twenty courses for a handful of Ontario colleges, including curriculum development for ; Sheridan, Trebas, Yorkville University, the International Academy of Design and Technology and of course, the Holt School of Natural Healing.