Body Reflexology

$ 1100

( Includes Video )

April 25 2024 – June 6 2024 +

7 Thursdays

9:30 am to 3:00 pm

or call (905) 857-5454

Have you ever wondered why Reflexology has survived 5,000 years?

It helps people! It works!

Did you know there is a reflex:

– In the head to relieve hemorrhoids?

– In the wrist to relieve insomnia?

– To give you energy?

– To calm the mind?

– To boost the immune system?

– To keep you young?

We’ll study these exciting, effective reflexes that are a gift of health from ancient culture. Specifically, we study the location of reflexes & the many reasons why they heal.

We find when you apply and test theories that you have just learned in practical sessions your memory recall is greatly improved. The course is structured one day at a time for maximum absorption.